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Albanian J. Math.

Research Institute of Science and Technology (RISAT) is a private, non-profit institution governed by its Board of Directors. Its mission is to enhance science and technology in Albania and surrounding countries. RISAT assumes an obligation to advance knowledge through research and scholarship of its members. The Institute's research and scholarship mission takes expression in a variety of forms ranging from basic studies, improving curricula, and active research.

All of those who are interested in joining our efforts should contact any member of the Institute.

Instituti Shqiptar i Shkencave dhe Teknollogjise është një institucion që drejtohet nga Bordi Drejtues. Misioni i institutit është të nxisë zhvillimin e shkencës dhe teknollogjisë në Shqipëri nëpërmjet bashkëpunimit midis universiteteve të ndryshme në Shqipëri si edhe kërkuesve shqiptarë në diasporë.


Ervin Ruci
Executive Director
Ottawa, Canada
Eustrat Zhupa
Programs Director
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY, USA
T. Shaska
Research and Grants
Oakland University
Rochester, MI, USA




The institute has several research groups which focus on the different projects. For more detailed information of our current activities see the link below. Anybody who is interested in any cooperation is encouraged to contact individual groups directly.

Albanian Algebraic Geometry Group A^2G^2
Research network on post quantum cryptography
Computational Linguistics
Mathematics Education


We organize a wide array of workshops, conferences, and Summer Schools in Albania and surrounding countries. Most of the funding is secured via grants or private donations. Below are some of the upcoming conferences.

Tirana Winter School in Algebraic Geometry , 2018
NATO ASI, Ohrid Macedonia, (2014)
Nato ASI, Vlora, Albania, (2008)
Applications of Computer Algebra, ACA 2010, Vlora, Albania.



Albanian J. Math.

The Institute publishes the only Albanian research journal in mathematics, the Albanian Journal of Mathematics. The journal is in its XI year of publication and has published over 150 research articles. It is indexed by MathSciNet and ZbMath. More information can be found by clicking in the logo or by going to the website of the journal at albanian-j-math.com


Digital Archives

RISAT has its own digital archives which contain a large selection of preprints mostly in Albanian. For interested authors who want to post their work at these archives they should visit repo.risat.org